Opioid Trends

Overdose Deaths on the Rise

Between 2019 and 2020, overdose deaths rose by 40%, with an average of 9 North Carolinians dying of overdose every day.



Fentanyl is More Common Than Ever

In 2020, over 70% of overdose deaths involved illicitly manufactured fentanyl, making it more critical than ever that the Good Samaritan Law is updated to include protections for fentanyl possession.


Data tells a story

Data shows that the epidemic of drug overdose is not slowing down, and we must take action now to reduce the risk of criminal offenses when calling for help.

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services tracks annual rates of overdose from illicit opioids, i.e. fentanyl, via their data dashboard. This graph represents the upward trend in fentanyl overdose deaths year over year.

County by county, overdose deaths from illicit opioids trend upward across the board. (NCDHHS)